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10 Bar Water Pressure Regulating Valves PVDF Flange End Connection

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Made In China
Brand Name: KOSCN
Certification: CE/ISO
Model Number: PV 710
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Delivery Time: 10-15 work days
Supply Ability: 100000
Connection: Pressure Gauge And Pressure Sensor. Pressure Range: 10 Bar
Medium Wetted Parts: PVC-U, PPH, PVDF, SUS Connection Standard: DIN, JIS, ANSI, Etc.
Seal: EPDM, FPM Connection Ports: DIN 8063 Standard
Working Pressure: Required Before Delivery. Valve Type: Safety Valves
High Light:

Water Pressure Regulating Valves


Pressure Regulating Valves PVDF


10 Bar Water Pressure Valve

10 Bar Pressure Regulating Valves for Required Working Pressure Before Delivery
10 Bar Water Pressure Regulating Valves PVDF Flange End Connection 010 Bar Water Pressure Regulating Valves PVDF Flange End Connection 1

Product Description:

Pressure Regulating Valves are designed to provide precise control of the pressure in pipelines by limiting, balancing or controlling pressure differential. They are typically used in industrial applications where pressure is critical for the system’s performance. These valves are available in a variety of materials, including PVC-U, PPH, PVDF, and SUS, with a wide range of connection options such as pressure gauges, pressure sensors, and standard connections such as DIN, JIS, and ANSI. The valve’s sealing materials include EPDM and FPM, and the valve type includes safety valves. Pressure Regulating Valves are ideal for pressure differential valves, pressure limiting valves, and pressure balancing valves. With their superior control capabilities, they are the preferred choice for many industrial applications to ensure reliable and safe operation.



  • Product Name: Pressure Regulating Valves
  • Pressure Range: 10 Bar
  • Connection standard: DIN, JIS, ANSI, Etc.
  • End Connection: Flange, Spigot, True Union (socket Or Spigot)
  • Valve type: Safety Valves
  • working pressure: Required Before Delivery.
  • Keywords: Regulating Pressure Valve, Regulating Pressure Valve, Pressure Control Valve

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Connection Pressure Gauge and Pressure Sensor
Working Pressure Required Before Delivery
Pressure Range 10 Bar
Connection Ports DIN 8063 Standard
Application Landfill Leachate Treatment Water Piping System Waste Water Treatment Power Industry Semiconductor Chemical Engineering Industry Papermaking Bio Pharmacy Mining & Metallurgy Food & Beverage New Energy And New Materials
End Connection Flange, Spigot, True Union (Socket or Spigot)
Medium Wetted Parts PVC-U, PPH, PVDF, SUS
Valve type Safety Valves
Connection standard DIN, JIS, ANSI, etc.
Regulating Pressure Valve Pressure Adjustment Valve, Pressure Adjustment Valve, Pressure Control Valve, Pressure Limiting Valve


The Pressure Regulating Valves from KOSCN is a reliable and ideal solution for a wide range of pressure control applications. It is available with Model Number PV 710 and is made in China. It has earned CE/ISO certification and is available with a minimum order quantity of 1. The delivery time for this valve is 10-15 work days and the supply ability is 100000. It is available with various connection standards such as DIN, JIS, ANSI, etc. It also has a variety of end connections such as flange, spigot, true union (socket or spigot). It is also compatible with pressure gauges and pressure sensors. The pressure range of this valve is 10 bar and it has a safety valve type. It is the perfect solution for pressure relief, pressure stabilization, pressure control, and safety valve applications.



We offer custom Pressure Regulating Valves with the brand name KOSCN, Model Number PV 710. It is made in China and certified with CE/ISO. The minimum order quantity is 1 and the delivery time is 10-15 work days with a supply ability of 100000. The seal is EPDM, FPM and the connection is Pressure Gauge and Pressure Sensor. It also has end connection options such as Flange, Spigot, True Union (socket or spigot) and connection standard DIN, JIS, ANSI, etc. The connection ports are DIN 8063 standard. Our Pressure Regulating Valves boast features like pressure relief valve, pressure stabilization valve, regulating pressure valve, pressure adjustment valve, and more.


Support and Services:

Pressure Regulating Valves Technical Support and Service

At our company, we provide technical support and service for our Pressure Regulating Valves. Our highly-trained team of professionals are available to answer questions about our products, and provide troubleshooting and repair services.

Product Support

We offer product support and guidance for our Pressure Regulating Valves. We can provide advice on installation, maintenance, and operation. We also have a wealth of technical information and documentation available to assist you.

Repair and Maintenance

Our team can provide repair and maintenance services for your Pressure Regulating Valves. We can diagnose and repair any issues that you might encounter. We can also provide scheduled maintenance services to ensure that your valves are operating properly.

Contact Us

For more information about our Pressure Regulating Valves Technical Support and Service, please contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to answer any questions you may have.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Pressure Regulating Valves

Pressure regulating valves are typically shipped in packages that protect them from shock and impact. The packages should be marked with the correct shipping information, including the shipper’s name, address, and contact details. The package should also have a label that clearly identifies the contents of the package and the destination.

The shipping containers for pressure regulating valves should be sealed with strong tape to ensure that the valves remain secure during transit. Any additional packing material should also be included in the box to ensure the valves are properly cushioned and protected. If the valves are shipped internationally, they should also be marked with the appropriate customs documents.



Pressure Regulating Valves Questions and Answers
  • Q: What is the Brand Name of the Pressure Regulating Valves?
    A: The Brand Name is KOSCN.
  • Q: What is the Model Number of the Pressure Regulating Valves?
    A: The Model Number is PV 710.
  • Q: Where are the Pressure Regulating Valves made?
    A: The Pressure Regulating Valves are made in China.
  • Q: Are the Pressure Regulating Valves certified?
    A: Yes, the Pressure Regulating Valves are certified with CE/ISO.
  • Q: What is the minimum order quantity of the Pressure Regulating Valves?
    A: The minimum order quantity of the Pressure Regulating Valves is 1.
  • Q: How long is the delivery time for the Pressure Regulating Valves?
    A: The delivery time for the Pressure Regulating Valves is 10-15 work days.
  • Q: What is the supply ability of the Pressure Regulating Valves?
    A: The supply ability of the Pressure Regulating Valves is 100000.

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